About the Facilitators

Our collaboration around CUIs started in 2017, when we asked ourselves: What is all this fuzz around conversational UIs about? And why do chatbots feel like a step back into the usability dark ages? What do we have to watch out for to make CUIs feel more natural, and generally become a more efficient mode of interaction?

We then started countless discussions with professionals and researchers in the areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP), User Experience (UX), Conversation Analysis (CA), read hundreds of papers, books and articles across many disciplines and finally put together a list of 53 checkpoints to make conversational UIs more usable and natural – from a user’s point of view. We then validated this checklist with more than a dozen professionals and academics, and continue the discussions ever since.

We held number of talks, tutorials, workshops and trainings to share our research results about Conversational User Interfaces, e.g. in local UX and linguistic communities (meetups, work groups, world usability day conference, MuC 2019 (Mensch und Computer Conference), ACM IUI 2020 (postponed) and are happy to be able to offer a tutorial at HCII 2021 and to meet a lot of bright and passionate people who work with CUIs or are looking to get into this exciting field.

As a team, we bring together theoretical, technical and practical aspects and offer a mix of disciplines for this multidisciplinary topic.

Kyoko Sugisaki

Dutch/German Department, University of Oldenburg, Germany
personal website

Kyoko Sugisaki during presentation

(c) Vinzenz Wyser

Kyoko has a PhD in computational linguistics and is a post doc researcher in linguistics. She is working with NLP and ML since 2008 and is teaching and researching in the field of linguistics (text linguistics, conversation analysis, and corpus linguistics) and computational linguistics (natural language understanding, chatbots, language corpora).

In her post-doc research and habilitation project, Kyoko focuses on providing new tools to understand how conversations between humans and computers take place.

Andreas Bleiker

yasashii llc, Basel, Switzerland

Andreas Bleiker during presentation

(c) Vinzenz Wyser

Andreas has a background in usability and user experience and is working and teaching in this field since 2003 in various industries such as pharma, finance, ecommerce, health, industry, energy etc. Next to consulting in the enterprise and b2b area, he has trained hundreds of professionals across the globe on UX methods, and is teaching media design and usability to software-engineers at a university of applied science. Andreas is also involved in standardization and certifications for UX professionals, e.g. as the ISO-Liaison Officer for UXPA International, working as a national expert for the User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB) and helping to define professional development and job profiles for GermanUPA.

Check out what our tutorial at HCII 2022 is about or contact us in case of questions.

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